Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you supply steel forgings?
A. Yes we supply steel forgings to customer specified sizes. We specialise in forgings in high chromium-nickel corrosion resisting steel forgings.

Q. Do you supply hot-rolled steel?
A. Yes we supply hot-rolled steel for structural applications and high yield strength uses in industry.

Q. Do you supply medical implant grades of steel?
A. Yes we specialise in wrought stainless steel, Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum-Iron and also Cobalt-Chromium-Tungsten-Nickel alloys. Nitrogen stainless steel is also available.

Q. Do you supply machined parts and components?
A. Yes we can provide accurately machined steel to very high tolerances and high integrity surface finishes.

Q. Do you supply steel in wire form?
A. Yes we can supply wire from fine diameters up to heavy gauge on spools or steel reels.

Q. Can you provide full Mill Certification and product analysis with all your steel products?
A. Yes all material is fully certified and Certificates of Conformity are issued with each consignment.

Q. Do you carry out Mechanical and Chemical testing of steel?
A. Yes we can provide test results for all materials supplied.

Q. What special testing of steel can you provide?
A. We are able to provide Grain Size, Delta Ferrite, Corrosion resistance and Creep test.

Q. Are you able to provide Technical advice to customers who have special metallurgical requirements?
A. Yes we have a dedicated Technical Department with extensive knowledge of Forging, Machining and metal testing.

Q. Are you able to Heat Treat metals?
A. Yes we can harden and temper to customer requirements.

Q. Do you supply Non-Ferrous alloys?
A. Yes we can supply any specified grade.