About Us

Heymark Metals Ltd. has been supplying a wide range of alloys to a number of UK and overseas customers since 1980. Heymark Metals Ltd. is a well established company with a reputation for quality products. Every product is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and Cast traceability.

Proven Solutions

We understand your metallurgical problems and have a wealth of knowledge to assist with your applications. All customer enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence. We believe that offering the right technical advice and delivering the right product for the job is the best solution in today’s demanding market for the use and application of metals.

Trusted Products

Metal supplied by Heymark Metals Limited is used in a number of applications. Most notable is the Nuclear Industry, Medical Implants, Food Processing, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Transportation.

Available Stock

We have a vast range of finished size material in stock. Ranging from rods, flats, tube and section mainly in stainless steel To find out more contact us by telephone or e-mail. Our technical support team are here to help you find the right metal for your application.